About Us


We weave Harris Tweed on a traditional Hattersley loom at our home on the Isle of Lewis. As independent weavers we create our own designs with inspiration coming from a range of sources including Hebridean nature, seasonal changes and classic weaving patterns.


Our Journey

Our Harris Tweed journey began when we would come home to visit family on the Isle of Lewis during our University summer breaks. It is during these visits that we fell in love with Harris Tweed, gaining an admiration for the heritage of the tweed and of the care and attention taken to produce this world renowned cloth.

After graduation we both found work in offices but there was something missing, and after a while we both knew... we wanted to weave!

After moving to the island and after much training it became official, we completed our single width loom test pieces and were given our Harris Tweed weaver numbers.

Shawbost Beach

Our Ethos


As independent producers of Harris Tweed, all of the tweed we sell is designed and handwoven by ourselves and is therefore a reflection of us as people. We take a lot of care to make sure that our cloth is woven to a high standard and we inspect each metre of tweed we weave before submitting it for finishing at our local mill (where it is again inspected, this time by the Harris Tweed Authority).


Shopping Experience

Living on an island, we often resort to shopping online as there are some things you simply can't purchase locally. The experience we have had of shopping online can vary so much from seller to seller, with the time taken to dispatch items being a major factor for determining if it was a pleasant or frustrating experience. We endeavour to make online shopping a pleasant experience so we always try to dispatch your tweed as quickly as possible and to charge you fairly for shipping costs.

About Harris Tweed

In order for tweed to be called Harris Tweed, it must adhere to the Harris Tweed Act of 1993 which defines Harris Tweed as “Handwoven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.”

Harris Tweed is made using a blend of pure virgin wools, which is taken to one of the three Harris Tweed Mills where the wool is dyed, dried, blended together, carded and spun into yarn. The yarn is then warped, which involves ensuring each thread of yarn is in the correct order for the pattern of the tweed and once all of these are in place (that’s 696 threads for a single width loom) the warp is wound onto a beam which is ready to go on the loom. When it is on the loom the weaving begins. Pirns are wound, loaded into shuttles and we begin treadling. Once the tweed has been woven we check it, removing any knots in the yarn and doing any repairs that are required. When this has been done, the tweed is taken to one of the Harris Tweed Mills to be washed and finished, which removes any impurities that may be in the cloth. After this is the final stage of making Harris Tweed – the tweed is presented to the Harris Tweed Authority who inspect every metre of the tweed and only if the tweed meets their standards and all the necessary regulations, the tweed is stamped with the Orb Mark certifying it as Harris Tweed.