What size are the Harris Tweed labels?

We stock three types of Harris Tweed labels – “large accessory” labels, “small accessory” labels and seam labels. The dimensions for each of these are:

Large Accessory – 45mm x 42mm

Small Accessory – 31mm x 30mm

Seam - 30mm x 52mm when unfolded and 30mm x 26mm when folded.

Can we sell additional Harris Tweed labels?

We include Harris Tweed labels with every order but unfortunately, we are unable to sell additional Harris Tweed labels on top of this. However, you may be able to purchase additional labels from the Harris Tweed Authority. You can find more details about this in the Labels Policy & Brand Use Rules document on the Harris Tweed Authority website.

Do we weave custom orders?

If you are interested in a custom order we will certainly consider your request. Our guidelines for weaving custom orders are below:

  • For an exclusive tweed that we would not make available for general sale to our other customers we would ask for a minimum order of 20 metres.
  • For a design you don't mind us selling to our other customers we would ask for a minimum order of 5 metres.
  • Weaving custom designs is subject to the availability of the required yarn.
  • We will not weave tweeds designed by other weavers - alot of time and creativity goes into designing a tweed and it simply isn't fair to weave somebody else's design.
  • If you are requesting us to weave a design we have woven in the past, it may be possible for us to weave another batch without requiring a minimum order - it is always worth an ask!

What can our Harris Tweed be used for?

Our Harris Tweed is versatile and has a wide range of applications. It is frequently used for:

  • Clothing - such as coats, jackets, waistcoats, caps, skirts, shawls and baby boots.
  • Accessories - such as backpacks, handbags, wash bags and purses/wallets.
  • Dog Accessories - such as coats, collars, leads, bow-ties and harnesses.
  • Interior upholstery - such as chairs, lampshades, footstools and curtains.

Is there a front side to the cloth?

Yes, there is a front side to the cloth. If you lay the cloth down on a flat surface you will see diagonal lines in the cloth, if these are going from the bottom left to the top right you are looking at the front side of the cloth.

It can be more challenging to discern the front side of a herringbone design. You should look for the side with the most pronounced diagonal lines created by the warp (vertical) threads.

How wide is our Harris Tweed?

We weave on a traditional Hattersley loom, so we produce single width tweed which is approximately 75cm wide.

How do I care for my Harris Tweed?

If your Harris Tweed fabric becomes stained, gently dab the stain with a damp washcloth and a mild detergent. Avoid scrubbing the area as this can agitate the cloth and potentially push the stain deeper into the fibres.

If a finished item requires cleaning we would recommend it is dry cleaned to protect the structure of your item and to help prevent distortion of elements such as padding and interfacing.

Is our Harris Tweed flame retardant?

As Harris Tweed is made using 100% virgin wool it is fire resistant, however, we do not treat our Harris Tweed with anything additional to make it flame retardant.

Is our Harris Tweed waterproof?

As Harris Tweed is made using 100% virgin wool it is water resistant, however, we do not treat our Harris Tweed with anything additional to make it waterproof.

How much Harris Tweed will I need for my project?

I am afraid this isn’t something we can help with, as it is very subjective to your particular project. The best advice we can offer is to check with your pattern or tailor.